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Friday Fabulous Flower - Walking Iris

This is actually a quite fabulous flower in particular the contrast between the white upper half of the falls and the blue standards, both with the yellow-brown mottled bases.  A while back another species of walking iris was featured as the FFF, one with yellow flowers, but this one (Neomarica candida) has larger, showier, more striking flowers.  One of these days the Phactor will have to put this flower under some UV light to see the pattern.  Presumably the 3-branched style will show up brightly against a darker background.  These are members of the iris family, not the genus Iris, and they are easily propagated by the plantlets that form after the flowering is done.  Ours occupy otherwise almost wasted space under other larger plants against the north wall of our glasshouse.  Other than liking their heat and humidity they seem easy enough to grow , but you had better live where it doesn't get very cold.  

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