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Davy Jones has stopped Monkeeing around

The Phactor was never a Monkees fan, too bubble gum, too cutesy, too lame, but for a reason that will shortly be revealed, he knows the words to almost all of their songs.  You see my dear departed Mother-in-law gave the F1 a record player, and all those nursery rhyme songs were terminally lame, so rather than listen to them one more time, the Phactor got the great idea of taking her to the local oldies rock and roll emporium and buying her a bunch of bubble gum band records, and that included the Monkees.  So now you get the idea; they got played over and over again, and there is no doubt at all that she still knows all of those songs, a great talent.  So it was rather sad to learn of Davy's death, just as the Phactor gets very sad over anyone dying in their 60s.  Yes,we know what those survivorship curves look like. 

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