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Don't go nuts, go berries!

Eating berries has beneficial effects on your brain and may help prevent age-related memory loss.  Right.  Hmm, now where was this published?  Oh, yes, just ate a grape, and there it is, the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.  But grapes?  Well, yes!  A grape is a berry, and the article says blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and other berry fruits.  Of course, two of the three are not berries technically, but apparently something (anti-oxidants?) in fresh berry fruits helps your brain function.  How about tomatoes?  Kiwifruit?  Naranjillas?  Currants?  Persimmons?  Poke berries? Clearly all berries.  Will my health insurance buy me some new strawberry plants as a preventative measure?  But here's what the Phactor really thinks; it's Berry-Go-Round that keeps your gray cells gay, er, gray.  Picture credit here.  Oh, and most of those wild berries are not edible, so know your berries.  

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