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Chocolate is good for you

Well, duh!  But just in case you think this is simply a good "healthy" rationalization for indulging, here's the actual list of health benefits attributed to chocolate. Whether chocolate will actually extend you life expectancy or not matters little because without such delectables life would seem short and miserable indeed.  So this falls into the "that's nice" category because even if someone gives the Phactor 10 reasons why eating chocolate was bad, he still intends to enjoy it, in moderation.  This is why it is hard to understand all these people who deprive themselves of so many things simply because they heard somewhere that something was bad for them.  It's not how long you live people, but the quality of the life you live.  This is why in spite of a entering an era of weight consciousness, the Phactors enjoyed their spring asparagus with a big dab of aioli.  Unfortunately, chocolate does not go with asparagus.  


Eric said...

Why isn't there some massive project to adapt Theobroma to temperate zones? Maybe insert genes from some nice northern Quercus species. I have the perfect place for a test plot.

Carole said...

You might enjoy this cartoon. Chocolate cartoon