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The things you can learn from feng shui

Our local morning newspaper, never one to cover things in any depth or breadth, is a way to keep track of goings-on hear abouts. But today for reasons unknown an interview with a feng shui master was included. Wow! The Phactor didn't know that chi energy had anything to do with quantum mechanics, but it's a good bet this means a feng shui master doesn't have a clue what quantum mechanics is all about. No doubt there are ways of arranging your furniture that are more aesthetically pleasing, but not because of any flow of chi "energy". But there was one useful piece of advice: keep the toilet lid down so that the chi doesn't get flushed down the sewer. Yes, she actually said that. Always thought the lid was kep down to keep the cats from using the toilet bowl as a water dish, oh, unless maybe her cat is named Chi. Do they make hermetically sealing toilet seats because, don't know about yours, but ours leaks chi like crazy through all those spacers. How do people fall for this stuff?

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