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The Plant List - Name that plant!

Well, the Phactor was preparing a blog about the Plant List, a new resource for determining the correct scientific name for a plant once you think you know the name, that is. This is a problem because many plants have been named more than once, and someone has to fiugre out is this is the case or not, so only about one out of every 3 known scientific names is correct; the rest are synonyms. Oh, and that can ruin your day. Now some day when the iPlant project gets going successfully people won't think they need plant IDers like me, but even such a resource won't make you an expert or diminish our ranks. However, Mary, Mary was quite contrary and her excellent post sort of beat me to it, and actually because it is so good, she saved me some effort, so click on over to the Accidental Botanist for a look, but this resource may not be much use to many.


Mary said...

Thanks for the link, Phactor. You have posted about so many topics that I had been thinking about posting, that it's satisfying to have drawn more quickly this time. :-)

The Phytophactor said...

You go, girl!