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Harness Your Body's Green Power!

Do you want to garden better and longer? Do you want your garden work to be enhanced? Do you want to align your body’s own natural energy field so it can be transferred to plants and accelerate their growth? Do you want to wipe the sweat from your eyes? Garden Green Power™ wrist bands are for you!
Our Garden Green Power wrist bracelets are “based on the idea of optimizing the body’s natural energy flower… They are designed to resonate with and respond to the natural energy field of the body” and to soak up sweat which if it rolls into your eyes can really scroll your nerd and disturb your wa.

Garden Green Power wrist bands can be yours for a ridiculously low introductory offer of $14.95 for the pair (one for each wrist). A new product, Green Power Anklets™ are being developed so that every where you place your foot the grass will grow greener. This was discovered by a user of Garden Green Power wrist bands who liked to walk on their hands, and it took awhile for our product development team to devise a more practical solution for better lawns, particularly if you have a dog. Plant people everywhere will soon be clamoring for Garden Green Power, so be the first to go green naturally. Order yours now!

These wrist bands do actually perform one of the four claims; can you guess which? Who falls for this stuff? A click on the link will show you that the answer is for one, jocks, and if you can't flimflam them out of $29.95 by telling them it works with "the natural energy field of the body", well, you need to be in another business, but could the Phactor fund his research by setting up the Green Power Foundation to launder the proceeds? When the energy is properly aligned the unethical mind boggles, and the gullible get fleeced.


Joseph said...

When I first started reading I was worried... thought your blog had been invaded, or your had lost your marbles.

CelticRose said...

I lol'd. :D

If you haven't been to the JREF forum at go check it out. I think you'd love it over there. ;)