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The Sound of Silence

Yes folks students in public schools in Lincolnland will now have to observe a "moment of silence" to start the day since a court has ruled that silence per se is not about religion especially if your religion says you are to make "joyful noise". Now if really taken seriously this would not be a bad thing because the Phactor has long benefited from the silent reflection upon ideas and research during his walk to work. But of course this isn't actually about serious thinking, this is a shallow victory for those who favor forcing everyone to acknowledge their religious superstitions. This is what legislators do in our state rather than try to solve difficult problems. At least one judge wasn't duped and called a spade a spade - a moment of silence is about prayer in school as if people of that religious bent could not always pray whenever they wanted, but it's just so much better when everyone else has to play, er, pray along. Now if they decide to extend this to universities, no question we'll comply. It's easy to get a moment of silence. Just ask who's done the assigned reading?


Rosie said...

Just found you via 'next blog' (why are they all about gardening?)
I love that comment about who's done the assigned reading - takes me right back to looking at the desk and praying that I won't get asked!

The Phytophactor said...

Rosie wonders why "next blog" takes you to all gardening blogs. As 'next blog' is a blogosphere lottery consider yourself a winner to have hit so many gardening blogs. Or maybe a near sentient computer program was amused by your name and decided to send you to appropriate blogs.