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Seed catalog addiction - look for the symptoms

Oh, dear, a fellow blogger who shows all the classic signs of seed catalog addiction: the glazed look of anticipation, the bit of saliva at the corner of the mouth, compulsive dog-earing corners to mark pages, a mail carrier with a bad back. The Phactor has seen it all before but never issued a stern warning. Fortunately SCA - seed catalog anonymous can help you over come this addiction where you think too much about what might be and not enough about what will be happening in your garden. It's the promissory nature of these catalogs, those pictures of perfect, bountiful flowers, fruits, and vegetables, and you know, you just know, that yours will look just like that and so you become addicted to this pleasurable fantasy, and you just can't get enough catalogs as shown in the link above. Now if only my blueberries grew just like in the picture. Maybe a new variety would help?

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