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Is your character changing?

What a shock! To find out after so many years your astrological sign has changed here at the end of the age of Aquarius (as one who actually saw the musical "Hair" when it was new) is quite disturbing. So now that the signs have shifted do you feel yourself in flux? Rather than being agreeable and of a cheerful disposition, are you now irritable and mean? Ah, that's what happens when the signs change. You see ancient astrologers just didn't know a few things, like the Earth wobbles a bit, and that affects the positions of those arbitrary patterns so named constellations, and you might even be an Ophiuchus (Nov. 30 - Dec. 17), and you all know what they're like, especially if you're a Sagittarius! A dear neighbor crazy lady was our local source of astrological expertise for years. After giving her a ride home one winter evening she said, "You're a Taurus aren't you? I can just tell." "How totally amazing your are" was my reply. She left quite happy. Then Mrs. Phactor turned to me and said, "But you're a Virgo!" Yes, that's what is amazing. So little sleep will be lost over this revelation.

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