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Friday Fabulous Flower – At the Stage of Seed Dispersal

This isn’t precisely a flower, but then again it is a flower at the stage of seed dispersal, but a very pretty and unusual image the result of having gelatinous seed coats. This also isn’t exactly a common plant especially when viewed this way. So who recognizes this very nifty image?


mr_subjunctive said...

Pretty sure I do, but I'll put my answer in rot13 to avoid spoiling it for anybody else:

Xvjnab, be ubearq zryba (Phphzvf zrghyvsrehf)

The Phytophactor said...

N zbfg pbeerpg erfcbafr.

Anop olopdop usopenopetop copyoppophoperop.

Jenn said...

You guys are so cute.


: )