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End of Times Garden Planning - Pre and Post Rapture

2011 is presenting a challenge in garden planning according to some who say the Rapture (seems like it needs capitalization) will occur on May 21. Now this won't really matter for salad greens and peas, although getting those peas in early will be important, and you may decide to continue cutting asparagus right up to the end, but if you think you'll be saved then don't waste your time planting those tomatoes. Actually in our part of the world you'd only be 7-10 days after the frost-free date, so you could hold off on buying those tomato plants until the 21st of May to be sure. Now the cool thing about this is that if you find yourself in a garden shop on the 21st you can be sure that everyone else there was damned right along with yourself, so you might as well get busy planting tomatoes and the rest of your summer garden. Of course, this isn't the first end of times prediction, and one thing certain is that the batting average for such predictions so far is zero, naught, goose-egg, zip, unless it actually has happened already and no one you knew was saved so you didn't notice except for the torment of reality TV (explains a lot really). So one way or another tomatoes are going to be part of my garden.

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