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My desk is wooden. Who knew?

Clutter, it grows on you. It had been so long since the Phactor had seen his desk it comes as a nice surprise to find it's a somewhat worse for wear mahogany. Needless to say, the university hasn't bought this type of desk for any faculty member in a long time, never in fact; this particular desk belonged to an administrator and you know they need big, impressive desks. And how this desk was acquired demonstrates my nefarious connections, but this issue was finding it. Truly it was nearly embarrassing to see how much the dregs of past semesters and various projects had piled up. The lowest strata could be radio carbon dated to 2007. Now the students have more room to play with the toys sitting on the front edge of the desk, and it reminds me that the "attitude improvement" candy jar is almost empty and its time to get more sour gummy things. Found are 7 books, 17 issues of various botanical journals, 23 research papers, and a hundred or so paper clips. They seem to slink to the bottom and hide. The problem is that too many projects have long drawn out tails before being completed, so things hang around in anticipation of completion an all too rare event, but for a moment, if neatness, which is a lot like cleanliness, is next to godliness then just call me Saint Phactor.

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Mrs Phactor said...

I wouldn't call you St Phactor until you repeat the miracle at home.