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Missed a land mark - 500th blog

The Phactor is not the most prolific blogger around; he has another job, and although blogging about botany might be considered part of it in terms of public outreach, other duties certainly loom larger. None the less having started this blog not quite three years ago the blogging frequency has grown, and just the other day the total passed 500. Probably time to begin purging some of the old little read and little visited pages. And my followers continue to increase in number also, 40, no the Indoor Garden (er) has joined so 41 as of today, is fast approaching both my age and IQ. Not really. The Phactor is much older and a bit smarter than that. It's funny how it goes. By far the most popular blog has been whether an artichoke is a fruit or a vegetable. Why do so many people care about that, or is there only one person in the world who thought to deal with such a question? Ah, that's it certainly. The blogosphere (never write that without thinking about how the word always reminds me of our impeached governor) is a curious online community, and you find yourself having great affection for some of the people that regularly interact with your blog persona. As the blog continues the Phytophactor vows to continue being true to form, which seems to be providing an eclectic collection of bits and pieces of this and that mostly revolving around botany, gardening, and the foibles of academic life. Thanks for staying with me folks.

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