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You are what you eat?

Are you what you eat?  Well, artist Klaus Enrique thinks so, so his "portraits" are actually still life sculptures using mostly food.  It might be a botanical thing, but the fruit and veg portraits are the best.  The portraits using flower petals are pretty nifty too.  Now if some of these have a vague look of familiarity, then you probably know your art history because in the 1500s Giuseppe Arcimboldo was painting portraits where the faces were still-life compositions of food. TPP uses one of them in a lecture asking the same question, "are you what you eat?"  At the link above you'll find a link to Giuseppe's work and the gallery where Enrique is exhibiting.  Hadn't ever seen any of the more ghoulish ones before using items from the butcher's case; they're a bit creepy. 

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