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Could you live with this bathroom?

These days when someone says, "It's a green house", you aren't quite sure what they mean.  However this bathroom in a solar house is both actually green and conceptually green.  The first impression is very good; something nice to look at when sitting on the toilet, and if you run short on TP, convenient leaves within reach.  But look at this a bit more.  Why is the shower on the opposite side?  Why isn't this nice wall of plants and their sky light part of the shower where all that nice steamy humidity would keep these plants happy?  A couple of decades ago, the Phactors had a big old staghorn fern (or was it Spanish moss or a spider plant?) in our shower, but one of us declared that she wasn't going to shower with other organisms any more, clearly a limited perspective.  But it seems the designers really missed an opportunity here to integrate their "green".  The guy in the background looks familiar, but isn't.   

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