Field of Science


No sainthood for TPP.  Yesterday the spirit moved him to dig the canna bed so that Mrs. Phactor can plant tulips for the spring, several hundred tulips.  The bed is about 4 feet wide and some 16-20 feet long.  The cannas are a big landscape variety with purple pigmented leaves and aerial stems standing 6-7 feet tall.  They make a very dramatic, tropical looking backdrop and quite a screen from the street.  The rhizomes are as big around as TPP's forearm and a nice pick color.  Huge would be another apt description.  And you get back more than you planted.  No idea how many of these rhizomes have been given away over the years, but every year there's another wheelbarrow full of them.  Now the only trick will be to keep the squirrels from digging up the bulbs that get planted. 

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