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Robotic barista?

Remember the scene in a Star Wars movie where R2D2 was busy serving drinks on Jabba's party barge?  Well, this Brigga "robotic" barista machine is no R2D2.  Not self-propelled at all, in fact a fork lift would be necessary to move it.  You could actually talk to R2D2 and get some squeeks and whistles in return, sort of like petting a talky cat.  Don't people want to talk, briefly socialize, with the barista making their lattes?  Why do people want to take jobs away from college students, out of work actors, or under employed PhDs?  This thing strikes TPP as total overkill and no way would it fit in my office, so what use is it anyways?  Looks like you have to punch a lot of buttons, or say, "Computer, earl grey, hot", or have it linked to some app on your cell phone, and then it delivers the same Sanka decaf for everything and psychologically no one would notice because it came from such an imposing ediface.  Actually this doesn't look too different from some automatic coffee/espresso machines you see at truck stops and the like, and they never deliver anything drinkable. Anyone have anything like this in their work place break/lunch rooms?  Hmm, a bit of reflection reminds TPP that the little cafeteria at the U. Zurich's botanical garden had a little coffee machine that actually delivered a pretty nice latte at the push of a button, and it would fit in my office! 

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