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Vandalized sign

Vandalism is one of those things TPP just doesn't understand.  What does senseless destruction accomplish. A small sign in our front garden was torn from it's metal stake and the stake was bent over to the ground.  The sign says "Yard Smart: safe for all living things".  It's a nice program designed to show people that you don't need heavy use of herbicides and pesticides to have a nice looking garden.  Pretty controversial, huh?  How does this little sign, all of 7 inches square in a light green color and standing all of 2 feet above the ground, instigate vandalism?  The vandalism took all of 10 min to repair, and unbeknown to the vandal Mrs. Phactor is close to the distribution source for these signs, and the vandal will certainly get tired of breaking our sign before the Phactors have to worry about not having a sign.  Perhaps one of the chemical lawn care people driving by just snapped?  Those chemicals can do that to you.  Other strange things broken or damaged about the estate suggest that someone, or someones, on or about the same time were running through our yard in the dark and failed to see several obstacles.  Perhaps they hurt themselves, one would like to think.  Ah, well, crap happens and most likely no explanation will be forthcoming.  This is when you wish you had a garden cam to capture these cherished moments.

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