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Pedestrian musings: Found - 1 slipper

My route to campus this morning took me a couple of blocks east of my usual route; it was along a handsome center-malled avenue with large stately homes of some age.  A couple of blocks along, there on the sidewalk, slightly off center and going in the opposite direction, was one slipper for a left foot, which means the right foot of the walker if in the correct position relative to its mate was just about off the sidewalk.  The slipper was dark-brown fleece-lined leather in somewhat of a moccasin style, definitely a man's slipper, about size 9 and a 1/2.  This is very troubling.  Isn't it usually princesses that lose slippers after a ball? But certainly not this kind of slipper.  Now a fellow going out for an early morning walk in his slippers is not so troubling, even if in your pajamas and robe (it was a bit chilly).  However if you were so doing, would you not notice when you walked out of one of your slippers? Why didn't you notice?  Was something so distracting?  Ooo, maybe a sleep walker will awake to find one slipper missing.  If you were not out for an early morning walk in your slippers, then why was that slipper being carried about?  Don't you usually leave them at the place where you put on your walking shoes?  While well-used it was not a slipper that had been relegated to a doggy chew toy, so it was not dropped by a canine out for their morning constitutional walk, and any dog who carries toys around is seldom so careless.  Could the slipper have been from the night before, but if so, that raises even more questions about the nocturnal goings-on in this sedate neighborhood.  TPP's view of this neighborhood may have to be changed especially as several friends and colleagues live along here.  At any rate, should you be missing this slipper, contact TPP and he'll tell you where it was last seen.  Best to let lost slippers stay where they were.  It may be a doggy chew toy before long.

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