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Garden flowering log - one to go!

Today is decidedly fall, cool, sunny, breezy, beautiful.  The garden flowering is just about done, in fact there is exactly one species left to go, the monk's hood.  When that finally flowers, and the buds are just about ready, the gardening log will be at 292 plants that flowered in our gardens this year.  This is not exactly a species list because some distinct varieties have very different flowering seasons, but generally different varieties that flower in the same season don't count.  Annuals don't count.  Tropical plants outside for the summer don't count. Ferns and gymnosperms don't flower, and so don't appear on the list even if they cone, but they are quite a list too.  Of course some plants were new to the garden, or new to flower, but then there are others that didn't flower this year at all.  TPP has not yet checked this list against past years' lists so something might have gotten missed, but doubtful the 300 plants in flower barrier will be broken.  Perhaps with all the new woodland plants added this year the total will make it in 2014. This years season was pretty long having started on February 21st (witch hazel) and here we are 8 months later waiting for monk's hood.  Wow! Only 4 months until it starts all over again!  2013 is the longest flowering season since the record keeping began.

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