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Some things you may be better off not knowing, one of those being the contents of chicken "nuggets"

This is one of the reasons TPP seldom ventures beyond botany, it's just too scary.  But when you read a title like: The Autopsy of Chicken Nuggets Reads “Chicken Little” an article in press in the American Journal of Medicine, you know you have to look anyways.  When you order wings you get wings because parts is parts, but "nuggets"?  Well, what did you think?  If they was a part, they'd call them that.  Nuggets are basically a fatty chicken sausage, but without the tasty spices.  Clearly a couple of people went out to lunch, and while eating their nuggets asked, what's in these things anyways?  Nuggets are probably a major food item in the USA, so it is a serious matter to know their contents, and love the title!  You get extra points for publishing something with a funny title.  HT to the Respectful Insolence blog who offers additional analysis and links to more research in the same "vein". 


Bend said...

When I was in primary school we would hear our teacher describe the marvelous fact that the native Americans would use every part of the bison. Waste not, want not. Now when McDonalds does the same with a chicken the appropriate response is supposed to be "Eww! Gross!" I'm sorry. I'm not a nugget fan, but I find the story neither disturbing nor surprising.

The Phytophactor said...

OK, they used the whole bison, but not all of it was used for food. So not gross, but definitely well hidden fat.

Bend said...

OMG! Breaded, deep fried bits of processed chicken bits are fatty!? How dare they hide this from me! Doesn't this manuscript belong in the Journal of Things We Already Knew?