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1001 Botanical Gardens you should see before you die

It was a mistake to buy Mrs. Phactor a book titled: "1001 botanical gardens you should see before you die"  because the index makes such a handy check list.  Even with our almost famous botanical geek tours (here, here, and here)(and even one before TPP started the blog), there are still well over 900 gardens to go.  Now TPP has been to quite a few botanical gardens that did not make the 1001 list leaving considerable room to quibble as the list is quite UK biased.  Now here's another list of 13 botanical gardens to see before you die, and TPP has been to 7 of the 13, and you might be surprised which 7, he's done better overseas than domestically.  How did you do?  Even here in the USA this list could be quibbled with quite a bit depending upon your criteria.  What do you think?  Nominate you additions and deletions.  We'll compose our own list.  But it is hard to decide on the best ever category what with there being so many variables. 


Jenn said...

It's not a 'see before you die' garden, but I'm very fond of our local - the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix.

The Sonoran desert is an amazing environment - such a diversity of plants and animals.

Anyone with an interest in plants coming through this area should at least think about a visit.

The Phytophactor said...

Well, Jenn, the listers of the list of 13 agree with you. Check it out. Although it is one of the 6 TPP has not visited.

Jenn said...

YES! I read the list after and was very happily surprised.

And I found that I REALLY want to visit S. Africa now. Sigh.

Diane said...

Shock and horror. They left out the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens!

The Phytophactor said...
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The Phytophactor said...

Diane, you'll get no argument from TPP about the remarkable slight of leaving out Brooklyn, and while this will frost off several friends who work at the NY Botanical Garden, from the visitors' perspective Brooklyn is a more spectacular garden. And Jenn, that SAfrican garden is really great especially some of the succulents and the cycads.