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Cocktail Quiz

Now after just offering my primary safe drinking tip yesterday, it only seems symmetrical to see if TPP, Mrs. Phactor, and friends, who will remain unnamed to protect their reputations, violated the rule.  After dining in the remarkably grotty, but original, Arthur Bryant's, a KC BBQ legend, we decided something a bit more upscale, something a bit more elegant, something in a very different neighborhood, was needed, and thus our 4-some left this BBQ icon (almost said mecca, but with all that pork, that just doesn't quite seem right) far behind to enjoy the semi-pleasant weather with an after dinner drink on a delightful patio populated by much younger, and much less sophisticated, drinkers.  So here's your cocktail quiz challenge.  What are the four cocktails?  And for a bonus point, which one belongs to TPP?  Hint: one person may have violated the funny name rule, but perhaps it was just a bit of whimsy inspired by a drink story generated by a recent visit to a less sophisticated city.  It's always good to have a bartender who knows that when you ask for a "wet bar towel" that it's really just a wet bar towel you want, not an unusual cocktail ("Take a wet bar towel; wring the liquid into a low ball glass, add ice, ...") .  As always, employees of this blog, as well as relatives are not eligible to win.   


Stf said...

Caipirina and Mojito in the middle?
Maybe a margarita on the right...
For the left one, no idea...

Nice cocktails =)

The Phytophactor said...

OK, that's nought for four, although not bad choices.

Stf said...

I try one last time =)
Long Island
Cuba Libre

If I'm failing again, please, the answers!!

The Phytophactor said...

Yes, quizzes without answers should be a blog no-no. It simply slipped my mind.
Here you go (clockwise from the right-hand side): dark & stormy, tom collins, sidecar, old fashioned (TPP's). It was a pretty tricky quiz because who's ever going to guess dark & stormy? Who'd ever drink a dark & stormy? And the next three are pretty generic looking.

Stf said...

Well, I don't know any of these drinks. I'll put them on my list of things to taste.

Thanks !!