Field of Science

No ornamental sweet potatoes!

OK, this is seriously annoying.  Every year for years now TPP has liberated some ornamental sweet potatoes from one of many planters on campus to use for a laboratory specimen on starchy staples.  And this year there are none!  Why just a couple of years ago all of the bayberry bushes on campus were victims of new buildings or new landscaping with nary a thought of where my students were going to get bayberries so that they could extract the wax.  TPP has this crazy notion that everything, everything, on campus is here to help me do my job, and wouldn't it be nice if before removing a plant or changing your ideas about ornamentals you checked with someone, the SOMEONE, who uses them?  You see, and this comes as a surprise to most of our administrators, the campus and its lovely landscaping is not just something pretty to fill in the spaces between buildings.  No question this is a valid function, but the campus is my classroom and good manners dictates that you check with the instructor before removing something from my classroom!  Got that?  And while you're at it, keep the squirrels from eating all the native pecans too. 

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