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Wicked Plants

A while back TPP wondered about wicked plants only to find out there was a book by Amy Stewart.  In about 30 mins TPP will be at a cocktail party featuring Amy Stewart.  This all sounds like such wicked good fun.  Wicked Plants was not one of those books from which TPP learned very much, but it does tell a lot of nice little stories and would be of great interest to most plant fanciers.  Ms. Stewart is a guest of our horticulture program.  Now if it would only stop raining because its to be a garden party.  However, once even indoors, TPP attended a cocktail party where you did not need to ask for a splash of water in your scotch because it was lightly raining inside the Missouri Botanical Garden's Climatron.  Having just shipped a book ms off to the editors we can only hope to be as popular as Ms. Stewart's, but realistically very few books on botany ever do that well.  So TPP must salute her success.


Jenn said...

Hope you had a wicked good evening.

The Phytophactor said...

Well, TPP now has an autographed copy of Wicked Plants. Amy Stewart is delightful and engaging.

nycguy said...

O' course, in the hobbyist community many growers keep their plants wicked (using a wick in the soil to draw an even flow of water to the pot.) See here: