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Issac waters our gardens

The remanents of hurricane Issac dumped rain on north central Lincolnland on Friday night and Saturday morning.  According to our trusty rain gauge Issac left us 4.3" of rain super filling our lily pond and actually requiring the excess to be dumped.  For the first time in more than 3 months, our plants look well watered, but the drought may have claimed another victim, a bush cherry (Prunus tomentosa).  Newly planted grass grew like crazy demonstrating our terrific timing for planting.  The rain seems to have made some late summer crops a possibility: pepper & eggplant are recovering, bush beans looking good, maybe some lettuce, maybe some bokchoi.  One bed of lettuce appears to have become slug fodder.  No complaints about the rain over the long weekend.  More on the KC weekend later.

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