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Ethical problem?

Students bring the Phactor lots of things; mostly problems.  However every now and again students bring you gifts and many such little items decorate my office.  The latest gift came from a fellow with a distinctly Italian name.  "Since you're from New York, I thought you might like this sausage my Father makes in our basement."  And TPP is presented with a large link of home-made soppressata.  Be still my beating heart.  Soppressata!  Wow!  Central Lincolnland has lots of livestock but very little of it gets made into sausage, which is a great shame.  And after you've been away from an area where large fractions of the population are of Italian and German descent long enough you sort of forget about the diversity of sausage available.  The university has rules about accepting gifts of course, and there was no indication that any sort of Italian quid pro quo was expected, but TPP is thinking that you have to cut some A students a bit of slack, and in the meantime destroy the evidence.  Does this sound right to you?   

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Kraneia said...

Disguise the snausage, by hiding it under a stack of pancakes... lol

I don't know what kind of snausage you got, but it sounds tasty... lol Good think you aren't vegetarian.... ;)