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Tax Day - My wife is back and decompressing

Well, the Phactors have survived another tax season, physically, financially, and psychologically.  Today has been a long day, for both of us, and we still have a couple of hours to go because the late shuttle bus from Ohare arrives at 9:40 pm and we must meet it.  By coincidence of scheduling our big black feline is adopting her newest German graduate student today.  She seems to have a particular penchant for them, or to put it another way, visiting graduate students staying in our guest room find out that it comes complete with cat, but from the cat perspective, all this is mine, including any bodies sleeping in my bed, and these young females seem to really like cats, a nice mutualism. It's quite a marvelous thing that tax season has a very definitive end, unlike field research that never ends.  But the long hours are taxing too.  In more normal years, the gardening begins in earnest just after tax season, but so much needed to be done earlier this year, more gardening than usual had to squeezed into tax season.  Well, so much for that.  Mrs. Phactor & F1 are chilling on the couch, decompressing, with the assistance of their yoga class, and the most fine Italian dinner prepared by none other than yours truly.  However, having paid his fair share for running this country and Lincolnland too, it would be nice to get some higher quality government, you know getting your monies worth so to speak. So having amply compensated my own personal tax preparer via a handsome gift, and a stint in the Missouri Botanical Garden gift shoppe, which has cost me dearly in the past, we officially close the book on the 2012 tax season, with an exhausted spouse back and recovering.

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