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Neotropical morning

This was an unusual morning for the upper midwest.  The weekend was dreary, cold, gray, and rainy, so not much gardening got done, but the Phactor did help the F1 move her belongings to a nice little house.  Monday dawned gray and drizzly looking like more of the same, but the temperature was a surprise because it was much warmer than you would anticipate just looking out of the window.  By 8 AM it was quite a comfortable temperature, although still overcast.  Water from overnight rain still dripped from the lush spring vegetation and everything smelled organic and looked green. While standing there taking in the moment, you could hear quite a remarkable number of bird calls including some migrants that added an exotic touch to the usual residents.  Ah, just like early morning in Costa Rica where well-watered lush vegetation of the rain forest is more the norm than the exception and the birds eagerly greet the coming day.  These are very fine mornings, the prettiest part of the day, and like a good coffee something to be savored, but the last week of classes were calling so the revery was brief, which is sad because such mornings are so rare here.

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