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Plant this weed - Sure!

There are plants that just should not be planted.  The Phactor has already warned you about plume poppy and presently is struggling to eradicate Houttoynia crodata, the newest addition to my do-not-plant-this-plant list,  from an planting enclosure (even that did not work to contain it).  So here's one of the darlings of the Chelsea Flower Show, and just looking at this and my gardeners instinct rebells at the idea of planting this plant.  See!  It's clearly a weed; too closely related to a troublesome weed to be worth the risk even it this species (Chenopodium giganteum) is prettier than its well known weedy relative.  Read the endorsement!  It's edible.  Big deal.  Most chenopods, indeed, most weeds are edible when young (and there's a biological reason why).  It's free seeding!!!  Yikes, that should be warning enough.  Translation: This is a bloody weed whose seedlings will drive you crazy.  Oh, just thought of another entry for the do-not-plant-this-plant list, but it will wait for another blog.  So who does Chelsea think she's kidding.  It'll take more than an appearance at a famous flower show to convince this gardener that planting this plant is worth while. 


Kate said...

But, dude, it is attractive. As someone who's gaga about plants, I think it's fantastic that it is edible and has pleasant foliage (and not just showy flowers). That meets my most important criteria for what I want in my garden. Just my unscientific, unjaded take.

The Phytophactor said...

Hey, go for it. Just remember the Phactor told you so.