Field of Science

Another tropical Monday - in my office!

The more seasonal weather of the past few days has been a joy.  Garden and field work have not been so sweaty.  The longevity of spring flowers has greatly increased.  So what a shock to walk into my office this morning, out of the comfortably cool hallway, into an 82 F office-oven where the heat is pouring forth from the radiator.  Now the backwards priorities of our physical plant can be understood with respect to AC, but why is the bloody heat on?  You begin to wonder if anyone has any control over the heating/cooling at all.  So the windows are open and bought and paid for energy-heated air is being diluted with free ambient air, and my morning is still punctuated by the rumble-strip sound of  the toilet next door being flushed, a problem called to their attention some 3 weeks ago.  This is not helping my Monday attitude one little bit. Time for an academic fix.  A nice big sign saying the toilet is out of order.  Sorry.   

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