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Coffee, bugs, and death

Tiny minds are at work worrying about tiny things, in this case whether a dye from ground up insects ruins your vegan diet when used in a coffee drink.  Well, not as much as a strawberry frappacino (it's a red dye).  Ah, the vegan belief system in fundamentalist, fanatic mode, and the Gleaming Retort has said it with more humor and information than the Phactor can muster today.  This craziness had to have originated in California; I mean you're getting drinks from Starbucks and you worry about a dye from an insect in your drink?  Just be happy it isn't a fly or cockroach swimming around.  But just remember vegans, fungi and animals are each others most recent common ancestors forming a single lineage, so phylogenetically eu-vegans (true vegans) you should probably avoid fungi and their metabolic products too, just to be safe.  Leave the beer and bread for us poor omnivores.

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