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Late breaking news - Faculty member was not whiny; thermostat was actually broken.

Last week the Phactor registered his complaint that 85F was a bit too warm in his office, and it was filed in the whiny faculty complaint drawer rather than being sent to the physical plant.  The reason why was explained: the AC was not working, which was already known.  But asks the Phactor, why is the heat on?  It isn't, it only feels that way.  But when Monday started out quite the same, the Phactor's heat-shortened patience had run out.  So using my politest snarl, the Phactor pleaded with our clerk to please send in the work order, and it's not about the AC; it's about the heat.  The physical plant gives a call.  Dr. Phactor, we can't turn the AC on yet, so you'll just have to be patient.  It's not about wanting the AC on; it's about wanting the heat OFF!  And not too long after, quite to my surprise a short, stout personage of the type that you immediately know works in the bowels of buildings (yes, one of the 7 dwarfs), shows up and assesses the situation astutely and accurately.  "It's hot in here", says he.  "And we can't turn the AC on just yet, and we've got lots of complaints, but there ain't nothin' we can do".  Can you turn off the heat at least?  What?  Heat ain't on.  Tell that to my radiator.  Amazed dwarf says, "The heat is on."  30 seconds of fiddling with the thermostat, and he announces, "It's broke."  "I've got another one in the truck."  So the thermostat has been fixed for 5 hours now, and not so much heat is coming out of the vents (but some), and since the windows have been open all day when the ambient outdoor air is about 20 degrees cooler, my office temperature is way down to 79F.  Miracles, they work miracles.  Tuesday is sure to be a better day.  

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