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Sunday priorities - not such a tough choice

Today, Sunday, was a beautiful day, and quite a few lawn & garden chores needed attention, and so did a pile of student papers (write a position paper on evolution for our dept).  After thinking about this for a nanosecond or two, the decision was made to attend to the lawn and garden.  With several events upcoming, none of which will accomplish anything particularly useful, and with field research on an advanced schedule, the lawn would be half a meter tall if some mowing wasn't done today.  Yes, it isn't all violets, which don't ever grow too tall, or masses of leaves left over from the blue lawn, which cannot be mowed without terminally slimming the mower (Scilla leaves are quite mucilaginous).  After that it was some replanting necessitated by the woodchuck and the garden defenses upgraded.  Several good things were observed: the new pear tree set some fruit, the rhubarb is growing well, but the asparagus is rather wane, and the raspberries in need of considerable work, ah, well.  Some time was spent patrolling the margins of the estate to seek and destroy garlic mustard that keeps creeping in from beyond our borders.  And lastly having tired myself physically, my attentions turned to a nice bourbon cocktail and the afore mentioned stack of papers, which were quite uninspired and generally indicating that the information about the nature of a position statement were lost on the majority.  But late in the game, the day was won finally by a nicely grilled marinated leg of lamb, my nod to Easter traditions, and a decent syrah.  

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