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Don't need no stinkin' Obamacare?

Then try the private option, and all that it entails, if you can afford it.  HT to the Pump Handle.

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Kenneth Moore said...

Oh, health insurance... I'm not allowed to go back to parkour until I get a real job with health insurance to take care of bones I will likely break yet again while rolling around on the floor. That's the main motivator in my getting out of the freelancing world, where I can't afford private health care (and pretty much refuse to entertain the idea of even looking at options). Not only don't I have health insurance or anything other than a salt-water gargle to treat my ills (that really doesn't help when you almost chop your finger off with a kitchen knife, however--the feeling is starting to return to my digit, though, so everything's alright), but I don't get sick days off work. Sigh.