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NPR - Yes! Phlox News - What?

This is just great. Watch Phlox News and know less! Now presently no evidence is suggesting that regular doses of Phlox News actually damages your brain, it is now certain that you get less accurate information to put in your brain than from any other major news source. In fact, people who use Phlox News as their primary source of information actually did worse than people who watched no news whatsoever. Ouch!  The old no-news-at-all control!  And of course NPR and Sunday morning talk radio provide so much more. No wonder the Phactors are so well informed!  However, and this is the basic gotcha on just about everybody, people who watch the Daily Show do almost as well as NPR listeners, so imagine how well us NPR + John Stewart combo listeners will do. It is of course sad that politics and the affairs of state in our country are such that making fun of them is one of the most informative things you can do. It does however worry me to find people who don't think the Daily Show is funny, or that politicians don't deserve to be ridiculed. After all if they only would stop saying and doing stupidly funny things. 
Now take recent events here in Lincolnland as an example. The GnOPe is hot to win the next gubernatorial election, so they are fielding a slate of woeful hopefuls, none more hopeful nor more woeful than our current state treasurer Dan Rathernot. At a time when no public allegations had been made against him, Dan calls a news conference to say that the allegations made against him that no one knew about were actually a politically motivated dirty trick by one of his opponents.  What allegations, Dan? We're not hear to talk about any allegations, just about that it reflects badly on my opponent. Huh? The man regularly gets outsmarted by fence posts. Hmm, not a good example because it really isn't very funny and is just a sad example of the Peter Principle really.

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William M. Connolley said...

I feel all smug now because I get my news entirely off the wub. Often from blogs, and sometimes from changes made to wikipedia. But then I'm not interested in the things that the MSM is interested in.

Meanwhile, in plant-related news, our Forsythia has put out a few tentative but welcome flowers.