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Tropical interlude to chase winter blues

TPP was looking through a bunch of old color slides and while the class picture sought remains elusive, this beach scene emerged, and, well, ... Wow!  This brought back some great memories.  Is this not just the most appealing of beach scenes, sort of Big Sur meets the tropical rain forest, and to make it even more spectacular, this shot was taken from a table in little seaside bar.  So what are you waiting for, just pack your bags and figure out where this place is!  Hint: it's neotropical and in a national park that has no roads! 


Laurent said...

Hum. Volvanic sand: common to many places. Hibiscus: just the same. Tropic almond? (Terminalia catappa) on the left: just just the very same.
No botany nor geology would help the ID.

Park without roads in the neotropics?
Well, what about the Darién Park in Panama?

The Phytophactor said...

Close, so very close, so TPP will give Laurent one point. This is Manual Antonio NP near Quepos, Costa Rica. You have to wade across a shallow estuary bordered by mangroves to enter.