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Campus fashion citings

You can observe lots of interesting winter fashion on university campuses.

Bare-ankled weather nut - It was 5 degrees below zero this morning, and there walking down a sidewalk was a bare-ankled weather nut.  Yes, short shoe-top socks and low sneakers as your basic Arctic winter clothing.  Won't your mother be so proud that you've learned to dress yourself.

Weather-defying cargo shorts - Some people are just in a fashion rut or saving a lot of money by not buying any clothes at all.  So nothing like the all purpose, all season, khaki cargo shorts, well-wrinkled.  Do they feel a certain chill?  Of course their converse sneakers don't help much either. 

Chic and impractical - Nothing like a pair of high-heeled, knee high leather boots to show off you long legs otherwise wrapped in sprayed on jeans. The traction on icy sidewalks is unparalleled.  The short, little leather coat looks like its weather approved for temperatures down to about freezing, but it's all about looking good, not staying warm. The white faux fur ear muffs actually may be the most practical accessory possible.

Fashion-be-damned uni-sex, over-stuffed, cucoon sleeping bag trench coat - Well, it most certainly looks warm, and it is moving, so we must assume a person is enveloped within that Michelin-man cylinder of down-stuffed nylon. This could also be survival gear for a foreign student from someplace like Thailand.  TPP's Thai students always wore all of their clothing at once during the winter.

Muk luks - If there ever was a season for muk luks, this is it. Yes, these massive furry boots can make any foot look like a sasquatch. And as for the ties with fur pom-poms at the ends; well, this is a dead giveaway that you don't live with a cat who would tackle you in a nano-second.

Of course in his day, TPP remembers a year-book group photo of the dear fellows he hung out with that was quite simply labeled, "Send food, money, winter-clothing".


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