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American taliban in action

One of the USA's general problems is its smugness in thinking that WE are better than everyone else.  OK, the USA has things to be proud of, but WE ain't perfect either. Recent events have displayed this most succinctly. Various commentators have been chiding the Russians for their anti-gay policies, as if the USA was so superior, and at the same time AZ was passing a "we're legalizing religious bigotry bill". This perversion of the concept of religious freedom demonstrates something that TPP has said before, although maybe not here, if you give the USA's religious right political power, they'd quickly show the Taliban new tricks. Wonder if the ayatollah Brewer will sign this into law or not?  Then there's news of a corporal punishment bill in some other backward state charging forward into the past. So, to the rest of the world, sorry, some of us are very embarrassed by our fellow citizens and what passes for rationale political action, which is partly from people who actually "think" like this, and the rest of the GnOPe who would make a bargain with any devil for political purposes.  

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