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A thaw reveals bad bun-buns

Officially this is the snowiest (already), and perhaps the coldest winter on record for this area, and it's only Feb 19th.  Of course this week's thaw could kill the coldest winter record, but the thaw is much appreciated if only for the contrast. Unfortunately, the melting snow has revealed that a bun-bun managed to get around/through a fencing barrier and girdled a small ornamental hemlock, as if TPP didn't have enough difficulty with this species of tree anyways. As the melt continues, it's certain that more feeding damage will be discovered.  Oh well, nothing to do but start shopping for a replacement.

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Anonymous said...

Oh woe, the melting snow and the sad bunny depredations. I almost dread the things that spring reveals. It boggles the mind to figure out how the buggers get into the forbidden territories. As if girdling weren't bad enough I also have porcupines who work from the top down as well as the bottom up. Devilish hard to grow a white pine that doesn't fork into a wolf tree. So I went back and revisited your scilla lawn just to help myself to a little spring tonic.