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Robotic lawnmower powered by grass clippings

Mowing lawn has always been a  bit of a robotic experience, mindless and boring.  So why not have a robotic lawnmower?  This is a great concept, and even more amazing, supposedly this mower fuels itself on the grass clippings it makes, sort of like a goat.  So what could be wrong with this idea?  First of all, the idea of being chased around my yard by a robotic lawnmower gone bad, and they always do go bad (Open the pod bay doors, Hal.  Sorry, Dave, I can't do that.), is not an image TPP wishes to live with unless just maybe the lawnmower decides it has it in for bunnies and squirrels. Can it say "exterminate!"  Secondly, there seems to be an assumption that what is being mowed is "grass" and not all lawn clippings are grass.  Lawn can and does embrace a number of species and does this robot operate as well on blue violets and creeping charlie?  After all you can't put kerosene in a gasoline lawn mower's engine, so does the species of lawn clipping matter?  And does the robot know to carefully avoid the wildflowers in the lawn, leaving the trilliums, wild ginger, bluebells, and spring beauty alone, or the hundreds of spring bulbs in flower?  Can it avoid trees, and shrubs, and ponds, and lawn sculptures, and gardens?  It would be great if the robot had mastered plant identification because most human operated lawn mowers just don't seem to notice any differences. Somehow TPP thinks that his lawn is not what the designer had in mind.  But you might be able to have it bring you drinks sort of like R2D2 on the party barge.   


Elizabeth J. Neal said...

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The Phytophactor said...

Robotic vacuums. Are they powered by cat hair and belly button lint? Noooo-oooh!