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It's snowing - hard - again!

Winter weather is back at it again. The snow started near the end of our breakfast, and within minutes it was really coming down such that you knew the predicted accumulation of 1-2 inches was going to be an under-estimate.  In a 10 min walk from the coffee shop to campus TPP's broad brimmed hat accumulated about 1/4 inch, so that is an official rate of 1.5 inches per hour.  Not bad for this part of the world where this is really a high rate of snow. Now growing up in the upstate New York's snow belt along the shore of Lake Ontario TPP has seen some epic snow falls. The thing up there is that the snow just doesn't stop; it can go on for hours at a heavy rate.  Back in the 1960s there was a 104 inch (260 cm) snowfall in 48 hours, so that's 2 inches an hour for 2 days, and then it started to drift. And TPP has seen snow falling at 3-4 inches per hour but for shorter periods of time. Such snow falls produce virtual white-outs, and once it was so bad a friend who was a track star ran just ahead of our car so that the driver could see a bit further, and even then it was very slow going. The car was a Corvair, and they just didn't get stuck in snow. Right now it's obvious the university just cannot keep up with the snow; you can't start any earlier than the snow does, and at times it just comes too fast to keep all those sidewalks clear.  Recommend you look back a blog and just soak up the tropical scene.

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