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World class beach architecture

This NC beach is composed of very fine sugar sand, which when properly wet packs tightly and it can be sculpted in considerable detail.  Here's a fine example for what is obviously a first effort.  With some practice this fellow will probably get pretty good at making sand sculptures.  Sort of made you start looking around for little tiny hobbits.  


The Cranky said...

Red headed hobbits?

Eric said...

First effort? Looks pretty good to me. Simple design, yes, but deceptively simple. The crags on which the castle sits were done by a sensitive hand. The details and arrangements of the windows? Just right. Walls angled and proportioned just as they should be. The attention to detail and keen obvservation might suggest someone at least as analytical as fanciful, the imagination one looks for in a good candidate for studying one of the sciences, such as, oh, I don't know, maybe botany?