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Southeast coast - somewhere

Well, it turns out that we have arrived, somewhere along the SE coast, actually right on the border between North and South Carolina, if my information from the naviguesser is correct.  Quite a few of the inlaws are here, Mrs. Phactor's sisters and brothers, and even cousins and their families, so this Irish Catholic mob is having a gathering, and truly, we hope that this time the gathering manages to fly below the local police radar.  Seriously, rent a mob is not all that bad, law-wise.  Nonetheless a lot of food and booze will be consumed this week.  If the Phactor understands things correctly, the ocean is only a short distance away.  So we shall continue to report from this ecological disaster that once was a barrier island, but now is a development blight upon the landscape.  Still it's good to see the people, the family, and it's especially gratifying that all these cousins get along so well, and how fun it is to see a new fellow, who seems rather fond of a niece, the newest of the new, and how well the Phactor remembers all those years ago when he was in that position. What goes around comes around.

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