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Grill experimentation - pizza

Sometime back the Phactor bought a big pizza stone at a garage sale, and Mrs. Phactor wanted to know why we needed another pizza stone in addition to the one that lives in our oven.  At any rate after languishing in our basement for a year or several, the idea of using it on a gas grill for cooking pizzas was prompted by some magazine cooking article.  So the decision was made to try grill pizza as a summer experiment to not heat up the kitchen cooking, and it was so successful, a big hit with one and all.  In particular people liked being able to build their own mini-pizzas to their own liking.  Rather than using pizza sauce, the standard was a tomato-garlic topping with a variety of other goodies and spices, some standard, some not.  At any rate, this is something you may wish to  experiment with.  Now do you suppose the Phactor will get a wood fired pizza oven for Father's Day?  

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The Cranky said...

Perhaps as a DIY Father's Day gift?