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How to run a state - university

Once again the political brain trust of our fair state (Lincolnland) has figured out how to weasel out of a fiscal obligation.  In this case what is likely to happen is that the state will place the responsibility for contributing "their" share of money to our pension fund upon the universities.  Then they will crow about having cut costs and balanced the budget.  But the cost did not go away; it just got shifted elsewhere, and in this case to the universities.  Now this is nothing new.  The state has been withdrawing support gradually over nearly 30 years, placing unfunded mandates upon the universities, and as a result of the state support dropping form about 68% to less than 23%, tuition has gone up.  Transferring the cost of pensions will only make this situation more chronic.  Our fine politicians will brag about not having raised taxes while they will have raised the cost of higher education for all future students and their families.  If they do the same thing to school districts and community colleges, then property taxes will also go up, but since these are not levied by the state, that won't count.  The simple point is that to pay for the state's obligations, taxes will have to go up, but lacking the political resolve to do the right thing, they will back out of the mess and leave it to everyone else to figure it out.  Is it any better anywhere else?     

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