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Who are the real job creators?

The Phactor was still on his first cup of coffee when Nate showed up to begin work on a combination stone/wood-henge pergola.  It stands a bit behind the lily pond that we filled with money during its renovation last summer.  And an college student seeking summer work of the strong back/weak mind sort just finished spreading ten or so cubic yards of mulch around our various gardens.  Earlier the balcony off one of our bedrooms was refurbished so it is no longer dangerous to life and limb to sit our there.  In re-landscaping the pond area, the local garden shops have done very well.  Across the street a neighbor had his roof redone, and along with our neighbors some 200+ feet of good-neighbor wooden fencing will shortly be replaced. And the list goes on and on as not a day goes by that one or more tradesman trucks is parked on our block.  Yes, folks.  We're the job creators, or if not actually creators, the money from old house owners and gardeners is the life blood for all these businesses, oh, except for ChemicalLawn.  They don't get a penny.  Too bad the government doesn't get this.  The middle class drives the economy of this country, and yet the aim seems to be to diminish their ability to consume.  In the meantime corporations are sitting on top of record amounts of cash and are they building any pergolas or lily ponds?  No!  Their money is just being wasted by being money.  Maybe like Scrooge McDuck they just like sitting there and looking at it.  The Phactor prefers waterlilies.  

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