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First ever Fascination of Plants Day - 2 weeks ago!

Yes, the first ever Fascination of Plants Day sounds really exciting, and fun, but we missed it by over 2 weeks (May 18), so it was pretty hard to get involved.  Unless, unless some of you knew but just didn't tell us?  Hmmm?  And then there's the title.  Plants are fascinated or fascinating?  Shouldn’t it be fascination with plants day?  Now the European Plant Science Society certainly has the right idea to celebrate plants, in English no less, so we won’t quibble prepositions.  But how comes we just now finds out?   Is someone a lot further out of the loop than ever imagined, or was this event a bit poorly promoted?  After all isn’t that what the intertubes are for?  And nobody on any of the many plant blogs picked up on this at all?  How hard is it to reach out to the e-network of bloggers to promote a new event?  We're easy to find.  The Nature Blog Network keeps track of the traffic at about 2040 nature related blogs (The Phytophactor is ranked 8 under “flora” or plant related nature blogs), and it’s an international list.  So while loaded with good intentions, everyone will have to wait almost a year for the second Fascination of Plants Day, if we remember, if we get reminded. 

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