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Car constructed of pot runs on coffee?

Far out, man, a car made of hemp, but if memory serves the Phactor correctly, and not all of those years are remembered clearly, didn’t Cheech and Chong come up with this idea years ago?  Will it be a worry if your car is smoking?  Still hemp as a fiber is great stuff, but it’s development as a crop has been hampered by demonization of cannabis in the USA.  But then you take all those used coffee grounds, extract the residual oil and make biodiesel to power your cannabis car, now that’s pretty nifty.  But somehow this won’t work out because just to get enough biodiesel to drive you to the coffee shop you’d have to drink a hell of a lot of coffee, so getting enough coffee grounds to supply any meaningful amount of biodiesel just doesn’t seem feasible. Think about it.  For a cross-country trip fueled by coffee you'd have to make so many pit stops, it would take forever.  But let's continue this thinking; maybe the tires will be made from chocolate. Now we need some model names: the Reefer, the Roach.  You'll have to help.  Not enough biodiesel production yet this AM.

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